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Steppe Sock

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Do you drive a $3000 car but own a $6000 mountain bike? Do you make your own coffee instead of shelling out your hard-earned cash to some faceless corporation? If so, then the Steppe is for you. Made of beautiful 25% Yak Cashmere, 65% Mongolian Wool and 10% nylon these socks are banging for those on a budget. Like all our products the Steppe socks are warm, soft, durable and naturally odor-resistant. So grab that $25 you’ve got stashed and buy yourself a great pair of socks.

Composition: 25% Yak cashmere, 55% Mongolian wool, 10% nylon. Sourced from Mongolian herders and manufactured in Ulan Bator.

Cool gray/brown speckle. Colors may vary from what is pictured due to our hand-sorting and dye-free process.